Croatia property consultancy and advice

At XL we are able to provide Croatia property consultation and advice in relation to residential & tourist land for development or residential & second-homes acquisition and resale. We specialize in advising real estate investors on current market trends to give them insight information regarding what to build, where to build it and the likely end sales value.

Our experience and on the ground know-how gives us access to real market data, which properties have sold, for what price and when. Moreover, our involvement in property investment, development and project management in Croatia gives us a deeper understanding of a wide variety of investment parameters from planning risk, to building costs, project planning, risk analysis and much more.

Our advice is designed to assist you irrespective of the size and type of the property you wish to buy or the investment you would like to make. Whether you are just starting out, or you are an experienced property investor looking to expand your portfolio, we are able to assist. Our clients include private second-home buyers, high net-worth individuals, real estate developers, private equity groups & international investment funds.

We can provide the following advisory services:

  • Property valuations, acquisition and disposal
  • Real estate research and feasibility studies
  • Development appraisal, strategy & advice
  • Property planning procedure
  • Project management & construction supervision
  • Sales & marketing strategies
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