Brac Real Estate & Area Info

The island of Brac real estate has always been popular with property investors in Croatia. It is the largest of the Dalmatian islands, amongst the greenest in the Adriatic Sea and easily accessible from Split. One can therefore benefit from island life without being too far from civilization. The result is a diverse mix of property for sale on Brac, from traditional stone houses, to high-end villas with swimming pools, detached family houses, newly-built apartments and land for building a house or villa. Of all the islands in Dalmatia, Brac leads in the luxury end of the Croatian real estate market.

Getting to and from the island could not be easier. The main port is in Supetar, which is served daily by over ten regular car ferry lines. This increases during the season. There are also catamaran routes to other parts of the island from Split as well as lines from Brac to neighboring islands. Brac also has an airport with regular flights to Zagreb operated by Croatia Airlines, as well as some seasonal charter flights to central Europe.

Brac has lots of charming seaside villages dotted around the coast of the island. Most popular with Brac property buyers are Postira, Splitska, Supetar, Sutivan, Milna, Bol & Sumartin. Each village has its own charm and foreign buyers tend to have their favorites. However, given the shortage of real estate on the market, it is a good idea to keep your options open when searching for the right Brac property to buy. Prices are fairly uniform across the island, depending on proximity to the sea, quality of build, view etc. So, when looking for comparative properties to ascertain value, you can take examples from properties in the villages mentioned above to get an idea. However, Bol does tend to be a little bit more expensive due to its popularity.

The supply of Brac real estate is tight. There are a lot of planned building zones, especially tourist zones but they are without infrastructure. It could take many years before these sites are available for tourist residential property development. In the meantime, if you want to buy land on Brac to build on, you need to buy in and around an existing urban zone, where infrastructure is available. Detached family houses are a popular choice of property to buy on Brac. However many of them were built in the 1980s and often require renovation. Moreover, many are divided into several separate living units and clients choose to redesign and renovate into one single family home often adding a swimming pool. Apartments continue to sell, all be it at much reduced prices since the financial crisis and there is a general trend towards the development of lower density villas with swimming pools. Due to its size, Brac also has some of the most interesting island properties for sale in Croatia, hidden gems tucked away in remote coves or bays. However, they come at a price and caution should be applied because of potential issues with paperwork.