Split Real Estate & Area Info

A lot of people have invested in Split real estate over the last few years because tourist numbers are rising and the town is transforming into a world class tourist centre. As a result the tourist season is getting longer, rental yields are improving and property prices in Split core centre are rising. Split is the largest city on the Adriatic coast and is home to Diocletian’s Palace, built in the late 3rd and early 4th century by the Roman emperor Diocletian after he retired from the Roman throne. The Palace has changed hands a few times since then and the old town has grown. Today Diocletian’s Palace is at the heart of old town Split and is a vibrant centre of old and new. Featuring lots of architectural & historical delights, the old town has a good selection of eclectic boutiques, shops, cafe bars and restaurants. The combination creates a unique and arousing atmosphere. For information on what to see, go to the Split tourist board website.

Since 2012 Split real estate has seen consistent price rises as investors have bought investment property in Split, predominantly in the old town. As a result we have seen a steady increase in newly renovated old stone houses, apartments in old stone buildings and a few new-build villas with swimming pools close to Split coming on to the rental market. Prices have risen due to investor demand in combination with a poor supply of property in Split core centre. Since properties in Split old town are largely historical assets, many have problems with paperwork and there is no more land for building in Split old town. Therefore supply will always be restricted and in turn will support Split property prices. Due to the increase in tourist arrivals and nights stayed in Split, in combination with the difficulties of finding a property to buy in Split old town, real estate investors have started to look to the periphery of the old town to find properties to invest in. This is logical since price rises in the centre have now priced out many potential investors, yet the rising demand from tourists looking to rent properties in Split means areas within walking distance to the centre are now interesting for investment. View all our Split property for sale